Do You Care About Affordable Housing?

Posted February 17th, 2016 by Angela
Become a HabiJax Advocate!
Habitat for Humanity defines advocacy as “changing policies and systems to eliminate barriers to adequate, affordable housing in order to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” HabiJax is looking for volunteers to help advocate on behalf of affordable housing, whether it be through social media, contacting government officials, or even meeting with HabiJax staff and local government officials face to face. If you are interested in becoming a HabiJax advocate, please contact Angie Leatherbury for more information.

Click here to learn how easy it is for you to use your voice to support affordable housing!

2 responses to “Do You Care About Affordable Housing?”

  1. ada e hernandez says:

    Dos veces les he llamado y han quedado de emviarme una solicitud he notado que no son responsables a la hora de emviar la solicitud y no solo eso le he dado midireccion para nada por que nunca llegan las solicitudes

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