Follow-up Media Statement Concerning Fairway Oaks

Posted July 13th, 2016 by Angela

President and CEO, Mary Kay O’Rourke, Habitat of Humanity of Jacksonville (HabiJax), is releasing the following media statement in response to continued inquiries concerning Fairway Oaks:

At the request of a few homeowners, the homes in Fairway Oaks were re-inspected in 2007 by the City of Jacksonville. The city report concluded that there were: “No construction related problems,” “No Florida Building Code violations,” and “No Structural Failures.”

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) has represented the homeowners of Fairway Oaks since 2007 and numerous attempts to come to a resolution with JALA have been unsuccessful.

In regards to the house located at 1579 Brook Forest Drive that has been the main focus of recent media reports, a Licensed Senior Civil Engineer reported in 2013 that further geotechnical investigation may be helpful. HabiJax advised JALA that it would undertake the cost of geotechnical investigation and conduct any necessary repair in exchange for a full release of claims. JALA rejected that offer.

HabiJax has continually provided the Mayor’s Office, City Council members and any other interested parties with information related to the work that we have done to try to bring resolution and closure to the parties involved.

Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville (HabiJax) is proud of its mission to build safe and sustainable communities. We have built and financed homes for 2,000 Jacksonville families who might not otherwise have been able to become homeowners.


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