Volunteer & Homebuyer Spotlight: February 2017

Posted February 25th, 2017 by Angela

Meet HabiJax Volunteer Lori

Lori is one of our vibrant volunteers that has been volunteering with HabiJax since September 2016. She volunteers with our construction team every week, gaining knowledge about interior painting, vinyl siding, properly laying down sod and caulking. Compared to her previous volunteer experience with other non-profit organizations, she believes that HabiJax truly values their mission when serving the Jacksonville community. Lori volunteers with us because she feels appreciated and believes that the HabiJax Construction Team Leaders are genuine. Lori observed, “they demonstrate a great deal of gratitude towards volunteers and the homebuyers.”

She enjoys volunteering alongside our homebuyers and always keeps things fun. We appreciate her commitment as a volunteer and support of affordable housing here in Jacksonville. And, if you happen to sign-up on a Thursday for construction, you’ll get to meet Lori for yourself!


Meet HabiJax Homebuyer Dennis

Dennis is one of our homebuyers and has been in our program since January 2017. Since then he has completed over 100 Sweat Equity hours! Homebuyers in our program complete 300 hours of Sweat Equity before they can purchase their home.

Dennis chose to be a part of the HabiJax homeownership program, because he wanted to accomplish his goal of owning a home to build a foundation for his life. He completes his sweat equity hours at both our construction sites and the HabiJax ReStore on Beach Blvd. After completion of his personal 300 sweat equity hours, Dennis wants to motivate and help other homebuyers by being a “plus one volunteer” (a plus one volunteer is anyone who comes out to support one of our homebuyers, donating their time toward the homebuyer’s hours). He’s determined to get his sweat equity hours done in a timely manner, so that he can move into his new home by June of this year.

Dennis is off to a great start and we are thrilled for him to soon become a homeowner in New Town!

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Interested in volunteering? Sign-up today at habijax.org/volunteer

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