Homebuyer Profile: Meet Latasha

Posted March 21st, 2018 by Candace Johnson

A Home of her Very Own: Latasha’s journey to Homeownership with HabiJax

As a teen volunteering with HabiJax, Latasha always wondered what it would be like to own a home of her very own. She helped a family friend achieve their dream of homeownership through the HabiJax program by working on the construction site. Now as a HabiJax homebuyer, its’ her turn! She’s excited about being a first time homeowner and owning something that she worked so hard to achieve. “It’s such a big accomplishment and something you work hard for, not only for you but for your kids,” said Latasha. Moreover, this is an extremely proud moment for Latasha, being the first person in her family to own their own home. She wants to teach her children the value of homeownership and for them to have something they can feel proud of.

Her journey has come with challenges as well. She worked tirelessly to build her credit score to meet the requirements of the HabiJax program. It’s been her biggest challenge and triumph as she was able to take the necessary steps to achieve the requirements and continues to work to maintain her score. Now with a solid credit score intact, she is able to focus on finishing her 300 sweat equity hours. Her favorite activity has been learning about home maintenance and how to fix the everyday issues homeowners face. She is excited to be able to take care of her home for her family and provide her children with a safe and warm home to grow up. Once in her new home, she says she will take a minute to pray on how thankful and blessed she feels to have a home of her very own!

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