Posted April 19th, 2018 by Candace Johnson

Meet the Atlantic Coast High School Community Service Crew!!

Students from the Atlantic Coast High School Community Service Crew have volunteered with HabiJax for seven years, since the inception of the Crew in 2011. Dr. J. Thomas Son, an English teacher at ACHS, has served as the Crew’s sponsor from the beginning, and volunteers alongside the students during each service opportunity.

Through the Community Service Crew, ACHS students have volunteered more than 3,000 hours serving the Jacksonville community! The Crew’s motto is “Doing Work Worth Doing,” and the students have an objective to join the good work of those who serve the Jacksonville community daily. Students from the Crew generally volunteer twice a month with several different service agencies, and with HabiJax 4-5 times throughout the school year. Dr. Son says that HabiJax is one of their “favorite ways to do good work worth doing.”

When asked why volunteering with HabiJax is important to the Crew, Dr. Son responded, “Its commitment to the value of a permanent home for every family in this community is inspiring, and it is always a privilege to be a part of that effort. But its belief that everyone, even an unskilled and awkward student, has a valuable contribution to make to this effort, keeps us returning again and again each year. As a teacher, I believe in the intrinsic value of my students’ efforts. I’ve always found that the staff of HabiJax believes the same.”

Olive, an ACHS alum and former Community Service Crew member, said that volunteering at HabiJax helped her realize she wanted to work as a project manager in construction. “Construction has always been a passion of mine and I enjoyed every second of working at HabiJax as I learned from the professionals on their crew. I would recommend volunteering with HabiJax to anyone looking to make a huge impact on people in need, anyone interested in instant gratification as their work comes to life before their eyes, or anyone looking to have a few hours of fun on a Saturday morning.”

Many thanks to Dr. Son and the ACHS Community Service Crew for serving HabiJax and the Jacksonville community!

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