Meet Annette!

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Candace Johnson

Meet Annette Adams!

Annette Adams is one of our current HabiJax homebuyers. Her daughter went through our homeownership program a few years ago, so learning that she had to put in 300 hours of Sweat Equity wasn’t a surprise. What is Sweat Equity? It’s the investment of time and the value that a homebuyer puts into his or her home. Annette was able to complete her 300 hours in less than three months at our two HabiJax ReStores and construction sites.

Annette said she enjoyed going to the ReStores because she always found something that could be done. “Whatever I do, I put my all into it,” she said. Her favorite moments were when customers would ask her for assistance and she would be able to help them. She also enjoyed cleaning up around the ReStores. “I’m just a clean person,” she exclaimed. “I can come visit your house and I’ll just get into cleaning.”

While putting in her required 50 hours at our HabiJax construction sites, Annette said that she was able to learn a lot of information that will come in handy when trying to make repairs around her own house. “Why pay money to someone for something that you could do,” she said. Since Annette has completed her own Sweat Equity hours, she has volunteered to help another homebuyer, who is also a former co-worker, with Sweat Equity hours as a Plus One Volunteer. “I would really help any of them that needed help,” she said. Annette thinks that others should consider volunteering as a Plus One because it will help homebuyers complete their hours and get into their homes sooner.

In the future, Annette says she plans to continue to volunteer with HabiJax and also encourage students from her job to come out and help. “Volunteering is very important,” she said. “Without the volunteers, the houses wouldn’t get built.”
Annette, who works for Jacksonville Job Corps, likes to read, bake cakes and enjoy Jacksonville’s warm weather in her spare time.

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