Hurricane Irma Relief Donors

Posted September 28th, 2018 by Candace Johnson

Thank you for all that you do to help us support the Jacksonville community! Your contribution has allowed us to serve many families affected by Hurricane Irma.

Sponsors of Multiple Hurricane Irma Recovery Projects
Anonymous Donor
Allstate Foundation

Hurricane Irma Recovery Supporters
Southeast Regional Relocation Council
Bellaggio Winter Residents Club
Michael Velasquez
Laurie Paul
Casey McGrath
Mark Riepe
Betsy Packard
William B. Doty
Fred Jarosz
Parimal Parimal
Paula Mitchell
Judith Hoy
Katherine Connor
Michael Chiodo
Zachary Wolff
Janice Hylton
Nancy Tabarangao
Michael Dobbs
Sally Scott
Roseann Tebay
SEC Education Foundation
C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc
The Dojo
Stacey and Jeffrey Sori
Lauren J. Alexovich
Cynthia V. Carroll
Charles H. Cynamon
Gregory L. Hamm
Robert R. Herrmann
Michelle D. Juvet
David J. Kouchnerkavich
Alexandra M. Lindahl
Debora E. Mosley
Michael R. Penna
Rosalyn T. Pham
Glenn E. Renton
Robert G. Shorey
Karina Solorio
Vernita Antoine
Carlos Cuevas
Phillip C. Darling
Sarah Dhalla
Sherri Fields
David J. Kouchnerkavich
Thomas E. Rosensteel
Katharine Zurla
Zelda Taylor
Sidney Korn
Lexington Snowbirds
Valencia Palms Mens Club
Valencia Lakes Yiddish Club
Platina Snowbird Club
Bellaggio Delaware Valley Club

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