Frequently Asked Questions

HabiJax sells homes to families, right?
CORRECT! Some think that HabiJax houses are given away or donated. HabiJax homeowners qualify for affordable loans and make monthly mortgage payments repaying the loan, along with property taxes, homeowners insurance and, if applicable, homeowner’s association fees.

Who does HabiJax sell homes to?
HabiJax is an equal housing lender so anyone who qualify for a loan is eligible to buy a home from us. Our families are very diverse – single people or parents, and married couples with or without children.

Where does HabiJax build homes?
HabiJax builds in the Urban Core of Jacksonville – the neighborhoods that surround the downtown area. We build here because these are the areas with the greatest need, and the land is affordable so it helps keep our costs low and the houses affordable.

Is HabiJax a government program?
No. HabiJax is a local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, a worldwide nonprofit organization. There are around 1,300 Habitat affiliates in the United States and Habitat has built in 70 countries worldwide. Since 1976, Habitat has served over 22 million people through new and improved housing.

What is the HabiJax ReStore?
The HabiJax ReStores are home improvement retail outlets where new and refurbished building materials, cabinets, appliances, furniture, lighting and accessories are sold to the public at reduced prices! For more info, visit our ReStore page.

How can I get involved with HabiJax?
There are a lot of ways to get involved – our website shows the many ways individuals can be a part of our mission!