Fairway Oaks Update

Please see the following statement from Mary Kay O’Rourke, President & CEO of HabiJax about the pending litigation with the Fairway Oaks community:

“For more than 10 years, HabiJax has worked with Fairway Oaks and all parties involved for a resolution of the neighborhood association’s complaints regarding the housing development. A lawsuit has recently been filed by the Fairway Oaks community against HabiJax and the City of Jacksonville.

HabiJax has continually provided information related to the work done at Fairway Oaks to try to bring resolution and closure to the parties involved.

All attempts by HabiJax to pursue geotechnical investigations into this one home to conduct any necessary repairs were rejected by Jacksonville Area Legal Aid.

HabiJax remains committed to its mission to build safe and sustainable communities in Jacksonville and is proud of our efforts in helping to build and finance nearly 2,000 families who might not have otherwise been able to become homeowners.

Due to the ongoing nature of the lawsuit, there will be no further statements regarding Fairway Oaks development for the time being.