Mission Impact Videos

Watch and learn.

HabiJax and its partners are making a difference in the Jacksonville community.

Please check out our videos below to learn more about our community impact, our collaborations and to connect with our mission. Thank you for supporting affordable housing in Jacksonville!

October 2015: 24-Hour House Raises Awareness

The ‪24-Hour House‬ photo time lapse shows the truly amazing coordination that went into building an entire house in just two days! The 24-Hour House helped raise awareness around the urgent need for more affordable housing, and paths to affordable homeownership in Jacksonville, FL.

August 2015: Summer Jobs Program in New Town

The New Town Success Zone, HabiJax and Jacksonville Youthworks partnered to bring summer jobs to neighborhood youth. Find out why this program was necessary, and hear from some of the youth impacted by this program.

June 2015: Board Member Impact

HabiJax recognized several long-serving board members who retired from the board, and another member who stepped down from a leadership role as Chair of the Board of Directors for the past five years.