New Town Initiative

We’ve helped make New Town a better neighborhood.

A secure home is an integral resource that allows people to live more fulfilled lives.

Download the New Town Map »

Download the New Town Map »

As families move out of inadequate housing and into homes of their own, they have a new sense of pride and independence. Their children can develop in an environment that fosters better learning, better health and better habits for their future. In secure housing, the family inside focuses more on thriving than on surviving.

For the past five years, HabiJax has focused all of our housing projects in the New Town neighborhood. We are proud to say that in partnership with the residents and the New Town Success Zone, we have done the following:

  • Over 300 families have purchased HabiJax homes
  • 190 repair projects have been completed for New Town families
  • Over $16,000,000 has been raised and invested toward the revitalization of New Town

We are also partnering with the City of Jacksonville, LISC and New Town business owners to focus on economic development in New Town for increased employment opportunities for residents. We have partnered with a number of local business owners to provide facade improvements, review potential commercial development projects, and continue to work with the New Town Success Zone, and the resident led group, the Vision Keepers, to promote the revitalization of the neighborhood through blight removal initiatives and advocacy efforts to bring improved street lighting and drainage. We know that these components are key to the revitalization of New Town.

With your help, HabiJax will fulfill our mission of providing affordable, sustainable housing for hard-working families. Partner with us to transform the lives of residents in New Town.

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HabiJax and New Town video produced by Habitat for Humanity International