Thank You Mary Kay










After 23 years of dedicated service, President and CEO Mary Kay O’Rourke is retiring from HabiJax. We are so sad to see her go, however we wish her all the best on this next chapter! Below, you can see a bit about Mary Kay’s amazing history with HabiJax as well as a special tribute video saluting her for her years of service.

Mary Kay joined HabiJax in 1997 as the family selection coordinator, responsible for approving qualified families for homeownership.  After several promotions, the board of directors appointed her as Interim CEO in August 2004 and named her President & CEO in May 2005.

Among a few of the highlights of HabiJax work during O’Rourke’s tenure:

“We thank Mary Kay for her dedication, passion and the vision she has provided to the organization for so many years. We look forward to following her retirement story and are hopeful and excited for the next chapter of HabiJax.” said J. Malcolm Jones III, HabiJax Board Chairman.