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HabiJax knows that changing public policy is a key component in creating safe and affordable homeownership opportunities for Jacksonville families. We invite you to click on some of the links below to find out how you can advocate for HabiJax and affordable housing issues on the local, state, federal and global level.

The best way to create change is to become a HabiJax Advocate.

Habitat for Humanity defines advocacy as “changing policies and systems to eliminate barriers to adequate, affordable housing in order to create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.” HabiJax is looking for volunteers to help advocate on behalf of affordable housing, whether it be through social media, contacting government officials or even meeting with HabiJax staff and local government officials face to face. If you are interested in becoming a HabiJax advocate, please contact Angie Leatherbury for more information.

Advocacy Resources:

  • Habitat for Humanity International Advocacy Resources – This page contains a number of links on how you can advocate on behalf of affordable housing on many levels.
  • Sadowski Coalition – The Sadowski Coalition works with the Florida Legislature to use Florida’s housing trust fund dollars toward the creation of affordable housing.
  • Shimberg Center for Housing Studies – A University of Florida Center, their site contains a great deal of data regarding affordable housing and community development.
  • TransformJax – A local nonprofit improving the vitality and quality of life in Jacksonville’s downtown and urban core neighborhoods. TransFormJax gave their time to HabiJax to develop recommendations on improving the walkability and mobility of New Town, along with recommendations for long-term housing development.
  • MacArthur Foundation – Focuses on supporting research and policy to increase awareness of why housing matters. The foundation provides research grants to organizations, and has collated a large amount of data on housing nationally. These findings and insights on housing are available on its website.